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Hemma Schmutz, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz / Ingeburg Wurzer, Studio Otto Zitko Vienna (Eds.)
Text: Ulrich Loock

24.5 x 29 cm
264 pages, approx. 170 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-557-4
Jovis Verlag Berlin, 2019

Blackpages Issue #61 featuring OTTO ZITKO.


Tom Trevor, Arnolfini, Bristol, Ingeburg Wurzer, Studio Otto Zitko, Vienna (Eds.), Berlin 2011.
Tom Trevor describes his experience of coming face to face with Otto Zitko’s expansive wall drawings as, “being swallowed up by a mind-blowing, intensely touching environment,” which seems to directly confront the observer, “both physically and mentally with an all-encompassing subjective reality.”

Hemma Schmutz, Barbara Steiner, Ingeburg Wurzer (Eds.), Berlin 2008

Labyrinthine, whirling lines surround the viewer from all sides – Otto Zitko’s pictures explode every frame. The Austrian artist examines the interrelations of drawing and space, of graphic expression and constructed architecture in large-format, space-consuming wall drawings and paintings.